Impulse Reality is yet another stupid textfile group, inspired by such zines as HOE, I Bleed For This? and of course, Cult of the Dead Cow. Just when you thought the zine scene was dead! Well okay - it is. But we here at IR refuses to stop living in the past.

IR has progressed quite well over 5 years (that is a long time, folks), ever-evolving, ever progressing (for the most part). What started out of boredom with just two consistent writers (me and Xade - wo has since seemingly abandoned the Impulse) has spiraled into a more legitimate entity, even if the old-school zine community refuses to accept us.

So I suppose that is the story of Impulse Reality. Don't ask where we got the name... it was a stroke of creative genius that used up all my innovative abilities. I have yet to recover.